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[Chorus - unfortunately]
Gave my heart to you lioness,
From the start you couldn't care less,
The wounds you carried drove you through,
But i would rather it be me than you.

Forever and a day goes by,
When i don't dream & wondering why,
I wasn't first to fuck you up,
The beast in me is just a pup.


Promise is our best kept secret,
Real lies fly beside our egret,
In the company of a stranger man,
Doing things that maybe i can.


Only gave you courage to go,
Get fucked up hope no one knows,
That deep inside your careless heart,
Is the love i desired from the start.


They took from you what you give for free,
So you cut yourself releasing me,
Holding tight and hoping you do too,
Shedding tears of fools i'm over you.

+ Chorus repeats until repeating last line ad infinitum to fade.

- - - -



2014-06-11 10:54 pm
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Where have I been most happy?

There were days we used to speak of miners, donning their figurative mining caps, and diving through the archives of the world-wide-web... human gophers...

The 90s are retro now. Soon it will be the 'noughties'... perhaps we are the miners... perhaps it is time to jump back through the time warp... time to find myself where I once thrived...

...i was reminded the other day by a tune playing in a car... i was passenger to this... i am a passenger... where is my driver? Where is my drive? Where has the music been?

I was reminded not of who i am, but how i can get to me.

It has been two years since i listened to music. Not just music... that apocalyptic stuff i tranced to for years... but music that will move me. Not the angry stuff of earlier.

I need to go back.

Back to the Future.
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October. I will have a place to call my own in October. Is there light, at the end of this tunnel?

Or merely mine own eyes, looking back?

Perhaps my work will carry me state-side, in time...

- - - -

Contemplating the boundaries of Paradox that behold us.

- - - -

Awakening from a dreamless sleep, transported through time.

- - - -

10 hours of bass fiddling.
0.1% of 10,000 hours complete.

- - - -

Atrophying entropically.

- - - -

A mould settles on undisturbed features.
A bed companion that elopes ones lungs.
Chokingly soft. Slowly. Coughed.
A trillion creatures where a nose once hung.
Vying for recognition among those that have none.
Held aloft. The cold metal sung.
A warm glow. Blossom's blankets fall.
Beckoning renewal. Passion might grow.
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The obstacle of it.

Fraught with risk.

- - - -

The lurching gasps of sudden euphoria momentarily seized upon by the endless reflective self struggling to maintain the visage of the living.

- - - -

Caffeine fuelled sputum moistens parched muscle-bound-lipids.

Spittle a little.

- - - -

Surely 10 to the dozen is a slower beat?

- - - -

That feel when you know you're dying, but can't quite put a finger on it.

- - - -

Hope is a lottery.

- - - -

Are these the voyages of the star shit being?

- - - -

Time to observe the time.

- - - -

A jaunty jaunt that ends in jaundice.

- - - -

Justify must. Stale.
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21 months. 21 months i've been absent. Absent mindedly surviving. A feat i'm sure is only possible in this forsaken society.

Is this the length of time for full recovery? 66+ percent recovery? Has my struggled seated restraint finally driven the captive so frenzied with frustration that waves of fatigue become a wake of willpower behind me?

- - - -

Am i ready to accept that i will never be ready?

- - - -

Snow finally touches ground. The mind boggles at the crowds casual acceptance of the climate's chaos. Repetitive forays into the familiar patterns of flagrant frivolity belie the malaise of the ill-prepared, ill-equipped, or merely ill-at-ease.

- - - -

Max capacity means little to those left standing.

- - - -

Dreams have been wrought unto idle thoughts. Listlessness has driven the navigator to ceaselessly seek connection between gestalt and grounding. Switch engages potential release.

- - - -

20 minutes into the future.

- - - -

Must... maintain... momentum...

- - - -

-) Acquire vaporizer and dream herbs + seeds. Grow.

-) Keep writing implements and torch next to futon.

-) Exercise at least once a week.

-) Listen to your body.

-) Begin project 'Evert'.

-) Continue project 'Debris'.

-) Resume project 'Bass'.

-) Grow.

- - - -

Stirred... not shaken.


2010-05-25 05:10 pm
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It's been brought to my attention that someone died recently. And no, i'm not talking about number 2, or 'The Pig', from Slipknot. Or any number of deaths in the metal community recently. As nice as music is.

- - - -

Martin Gardner (October 21, 1914 – May 22, 2010)

"Gardner's life was not only long but extraordinarily productive. He was a polymath and a gifted writer, publishing more than 70 books in his long career as well as innumerable magazine and newspaper articles. His wide range of interests included recreational mathematics, pseudoscience, scepticism, magic, religion, philosophy and literature. He will be mourned by many hundreds of thousands around the world." - The Guardian.

I know of him through his work 'The New Ambidextrous Universe: Symmetry and Asymmetry from Mirror Reflections to Superstrings.' This book really was a delight to read both because of it's fascinating content and ease with which he explained the concepts, but also because of how mind expanding it felt - my imagination literally ran wild with it's implications. I will endeavour to explore his works more thoroughly in the future.

He is now gone, but not forgotten.
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I have codes for if anyone would like one?

I'm going to be slowly moving there over the next few years... it's basically how livejournal used to be before it 'sold out'... with everything that that has taught us.

Basically, it's the height of awesome and you should get on board before it goes nuclear!

Custom Text

When life makes us sad,
See clouds above head,
Feel rain on cheek,
Stones beneath feet,
And just think,
How indifferent are they to how we feel?


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