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confliction ([personal profile] confliction) wrote2012-02-04 09:44 pm

Manned Undrone

21 months. 21 months i've been absent. Absent mindedly surviving. A feat i'm sure is only possible in this forsaken society.

Is this the length of time for full recovery? 66+ percent recovery? Has my struggled seated restraint finally driven the captive so frenzied with frustration that waves of fatigue become a wake of willpower behind me?

- - - -

Am i ready to accept that i will never be ready?

- - - -

Snow finally touches ground. The mind boggles at the crowds casual acceptance of the climate's chaos. Repetitive forays into the familiar patterns of flagrant frivolity belie the malaise of the ill-prepared, ill-equipped, or merely ill-at-ease.

- - - -

Max capacity means little to those left standing.

- - - -

Dreams have been wrought unto idle thoughts. Listlessness has driven the navigator to ceaselessly seek connection between gestalt and grounding. Switch engages potential release.

- - - -

20 minutes into the future.

- - - -

Must... maintain... momentum...

- - - -

-) Acquire vaporizer and dream herbs + seeds. Grow.

-) Keep writing implements and torch next to futon.

-) Exercise at least once a week.

-) Listen to your body.

-) Begin project 'Evert'.

-) Continue project 'Debris'.

-) Resume project 'Bass'.

-) Grow.

- - - -

Stirred... not shaken.