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From whence he came, he went forth...

If you can figure out the title then you'll realize that it's nigh-on equivalent to saying 'back to square one'. I mean this in several ways: I'm approximately, all things considered, exactly where i was two years ago ; My last post was entitled 'The beginning...' and i'd like to refer back to that time for some context.

These past two weeks have been incredibly hectic in more ways than the obvious. The most major surprise was a friend of our social group passing through to say hello. She had been away for well over a year in Georgia (U.S) and Eritrea. It was good to see her although she had actually come for the fair well of another friend of ours who i've lived with, on and off, for several years. They both left together last Friday and i hope to be able to visit them in their home countries in the near future. Needless to say it was a hectic few weeks here in the flat with people coming and going to say hello and eat meals with us all. This will be my only excuse for any perceived lack of progress. Consider the bad news to be over :)

So what have i actually achieved over these past two and a bit weeks? From the list i made last time i've made reasonable progress.

I attended the interview for the job but have not heard back from them. This makes little difference to the business venture itself but it does seem to mean that i'm not going to have anything on my CV to account for this coming year. All going well this won't matter either.

The bank seemed little impressed with the prospect of even meeting me as i wasn't even met by the manager. Nevertheless the lady that took his place seemed interested in my initial description of what i want to get up to and arranged for the nearest business manager to contact me. He did so that Friday (the meeting was on Monday) and talked about my uses for the money and eventually said that once the business plan is done i should give him a call, on his mobile, to let him know and arrange a proper meeting in person. That was pretty exciting.

I've completed the business advice course and been given my certificate. This entitles me to two years free business advice and in a weeks time will put me on the fast track to the New Deal benefits scheme. My business adviser also informed me that the only real way to protect the business plan is to post a copy to myself when it's complete. Sounds dubious to me... but it'll only cost me a couple of quid so what the hell. I also asked for application forms for The Princes Trust and Acorn Trust grants and loans organizations. I need a business plan to even write to the Acorn Trust but i sent the Princes Trust form off and received a prompt reply declining my request. Their letter did however seem confused about whether i was applying for a loan or a grant so my business adviser talked to their manager. The manager of The Princes Trust then called me several days later and talked to me about my idea and what i need the money for. He then asked an interesting question which put me on the spot... When will the business plan be complete? I quickly thought it over in my head and for some reason i told him it would take a week. He told me to call him when it's complete and he will come and see me himself for a meeting. That's pretty awesome. I basically have until this Friday to put the plan together. It's lucky i've also spent quite a few hours over these past two weeks doing some more research here and there and on this and that ;) I've got a lot of bookmarks right now let me tell you!

I wasn't able to set up an ebay sellers account as my friend has lost his digital camera. I need to find someone else who would be willing to lend me one... or find his, heh.

My mum and step-dad won't be visiting due to the fact they spent their money on my rent. That sucks. I'm going to scrape together some money from my dole to go and see my brother this weekend who i really need to visit anyway. It's sounding quite positive that he'll give me some cash as well. Considering he's just connected his PC to a 42" flat screen TV, i'm hoping it'll be quite a bit :) More than the train ticket anyway! I'll also take my business plan (complete?!) and talk to some old friends of mine about the technical details of the idea to gauge what they think. It should be time (and money) well spent.

So that's pretty much where i'm at right now. I'm going to spend the rest of the week piecing together a convincing business plan! When the important parties involved have seen it i'll release some details online!

I'll leave you with some juicy information that you can either believe or not believe... as you wish. I did some preliminary calculations involving competitors prices and likely market uptake and simulated a thoroughly worst case and almost utterly best case scenario. The current range stands at £255,500 - £25,550,000. Yes, that's an exact factor of 100. I did say it was rough! The good news, for me at least, is that the ceiling isn't fixed. I could pay for more bandwidth and make more money... obviously. Hope that's some good news to someone out there! Talk to you again in another few weeks when i'll be even further along the path of no return ;)

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