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confliction ([personal profile] confliction) wrote2014-10-13 07:02 pm

Careless Heart

[Chorus - unfortunately]
Gave my heart to you lioness,
From the start you couldn't care less,
The wounds you carried drove you through,
But i would rather it be me than you.

Forever and a day goes by,
When i don't dream & wondering why,
I wasn't first to fuck you up,
The beast in me is just a pup.


Promise is our best kept secret,
Real lies fly beside our egret,
In the company of a stranger man,
Doing things that maybe i can.


Only gave you courage to go,
Get fucked up hope no one knows,
That deep inside your careless heart,
Is the love i desired from the start.


They took from you what you give for free,
So you cut yourself releasing me,
Holding tight and hoping you do too,
Shedding tears of fools i'm over you.

+ Chorus repeats until repeating last line ad infinitum to fade.

- - - -