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confliction ([personal profile] confliction) wrote2014-06-11 10:54 pm


Where have I been most happy?

There were days we used to speak of miners, donning their figurative mining caps, and diving through the archives of the world-wide-web... human gophers...

The 90s are retro now. Soon it will be the 'noughties'... perhaps we are the miners... perhaps it is time to jump back through the time warp... time to find myself where I once thrived...

...i was reminded the other day by a tune playing in a car... i was passenger to this... i am a passenger... where is my driver? Where is my drive? Where has the music been?

I was reminded not of who i am, but how i can get to me.

It has been two years since i listened to music. Not just music... that apocalyptic stuff i tranced to for years... but music that will move me. Not the angry stuff of earlier.

I need to go back.

Back to the Future.