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A plea for help.

I've seen this a few times before and never thought i'd be doing it myself... but it's worth a shot an i'd like to see how successful such a request can become. I want to become an entrepreneur but i need your help!

Please see my profile for more information!

Sorry if this offends you in any way... like i said... it's worth a shot!

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Say I was to donate, would you keep me up on the process of your business? You don't have to tell me what it is that you ARE doing, just what you are achieving as you achieve it.

Plus I myself am a beginning entrepreneur, still working on my first steps. I have plans to work for small/just-starting-out businesses, and even businesses that are in the same stage as yours, providing them with my artistic talents and knowledge of graphic and web design. I know Adobe Photoshop CS like the back of my hand. If needed, I can send you a portfolio of previous graphics I used on my own personal site and that I have just made. I know CSS, HTML, XML, DHTML, and I am currently studying PHP. I know a little of PHP, but not enough to code my own working script. I just know how to install and edit. Also, I have experience with running, owning, and maintaining domains. I could even help you find the best server for your domain/website at the best price. I ask no compensation for my services, either. I would just like to help, beyond donating.

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Absolutely... in fact, i'm planning on putting together my first update for this weekend! It will be put on my journal (friend me) and will detail my experiences in doing this cyber-begging - plus it will be dedicated to the five people who've, for whatever reasons, so far joined my journal or yourself who was the only one to write here. Thanks :)

It's a difficult thing to do but it sounds like you're being a lot more sensible about the whole affair. Getting a lot of knowledge under your belt, working towards getting experience within your chosen industry... sounds cool. I'd be very interested in seeing some of your work, for sure!

I've got a couple of ideas on which providers i'd like to use... and i'm toying with the idea of using them remotely linked to my own 'server' based in my house. I have experience with domain hosting and uploading/web-mastering etc. I don't know much of any programming languages although i have the facility to learn them quickly. I used to know BASIC... but that's, well... pretty basic.

I'm looking to make use of as much open source software as possible in the setting up and running of the business... from linux onwards. I'm confident that the skills we've learned in windows and, let's say in your case Photoshop, are easily transferable to Linux and, say, GIMP or something. It's just about relearning where all the buttons are or what they're called.

Anyways, i seem to be babbling on. Friend me and we'll stay in touch... i can't promise anything in the way of hands-on help but it's good to know the offer is there! I've got a few friends who are willing to work for free at the moment... but whoever does end up working on the project will be rewarded, that's for sure. As will any investors. For now i'll keep those few that are interested in their own way up to date with my progress :) It should be therapeutic for me to write about the process and help get the cloud of ideas out into a clear and logical order.

Thanks for being... you, i guess. I appreciate it :)

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Ha, no problem. And I will definitely show you some of my work, but give me a few weeks to put a portfolio together. I haven't actually done so yet, and it is something I really need to do. Give me until the second week of October. I know that's a long long way away, but I have a move, a big job change, etc, etc, coming up in the next couple of weeks and I don't want to rush anything. I always say you can not rush perfection, haha.

And trust me, you weren't babbling. :] I am just happy you are open to my help. You didn't say yes, but you didn't slam the door in my face like many others have, and I really appreciate that. Thank you.

And that's awesome that you want to learn the scripting languages yourself. So to help you the only way I can, here are some websites I found extremely helpful on my own journey of teaching myself all that I know (Like you, my internet savvy is all self taught, starting at the ripe young age of 8. I was indeed 8 when I made my first website, as a joke with my friends. I wish it was still around, but it got lost in the slums along the years and was more than likely was deleted to make space for greater websites.)

Anyways..on with the resources: (A favorite. Very easy to navigate, and very newbie friendly.) (Another favorite, and what I'm currently using to learn PHP. There are mainly just PHP scripting tutorials here) (Excellent resource list. I go here often)

That should help you get started. :) Now I'm off to friend you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

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We can mutually motivate each other ;) I don't mind waiting as i totally understand that you'd have stuff on at the moment. If you've been to Uni, or are attending now... or just generally, people move around this time of year. I will have finished my business advice lectures by the end of the month and should be on my way through making a proposal. I'm going to look into protecting the idea through intellectual copyright or patents or something... but they cost money too :/ If i can find out what the deal with that is anyway, i can make a mock-up preliminary business plan using algebra instead of the actual market data. But no, we don't want to rush perfection :P

I appreciate the offer... so i guess we're even :)

8? Wow... that's mental. I didn't even have the internet until i was 14. So... doin' the math... you had it 3 years before i did. That's pretty intense. Seems like you've not used it in quite the same way though... more productive and technical. I 'researched' a lot... and boy did that take my mind places! Really wish i had of spent time developing my hobbies into usable skills... but never mind, we're here now. Heh. Shame we never think when we are young to save those things that we later find out to be useful for such things as portfolios or just nostalgia ;)

I don't want to seem like i'm throwing those sites back in your face but i've had my eye on W3 Schools ( for a while now. Gives you a sand box to work in to boot!

I've friended you too... look forward to future engagements! :)

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Oh, you wouldn't consider it intellectual if you knew the website was dedicated to Pokemon. Also, you're 23, right? Then you have three years on me, age-wise. I just turned 20 back in August, so that places us at even ground again, doesn't it?

And I so forgot to mention the W3 sites. Yes, if you can actually follow (I'm used to people on a lower intellect level than you) the W3 Schools, then go for it. They are all about doing things 100% by the book. You will receive a better knowledge keeping to W3 then what I listed. Those are just for people who want easy readers.

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If being older is somehow better... then sure :P My website was a counter-strike clan page :/ Gotta start somewhere :)

Give me a code and tell me what it does, and i'm intrigued. Give me a sandbox to play with the code and i'm sold! I used to script Starcraft multi-player 'use map settings' maps in my spare time... many years ago now. That was fun too... similar principle to coding, but obviously much simpler. I find it easier to do it myself over being talked down to by an idiots guide. Although sometimes they're funny :P

I've researched your name... interesting. Can't pin what you mean by it. Something akin to 'Of the lotus' is my best guess atm.

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:) You researched my name? I feel slightly flattered, haha.

Yes, I am using the scientific name for the Sacred Lotus, but I combined it with the word "feral" to describe my non cultivated/wild side. Interpret it from there. I relate greatly to the lotus flower, and have always had an affinity for it ever since I can remember. All of my interests link to it somehow or another. And I am all 100% wild child, no one can tell me what to do and what not do to. I define/create my actions, and only me. I will admit society does still have some sort of grasp on my subconscious mind..but I'm working on that.

I actually wanted just "nucifera" but when I discovered that was taken, the word fera just stuck out to me and I had an, "Oh!" moment and added an l to the end. :]

Oh and I did my math wrong. Actually, I didn't do it at all, I just spoke on the whole age thing. My bad. Haha. I do that.

And that's wonderful that you're a fellow gamer. I haven't played Starcraft in years, but I remember wasting most of my Middle School homework hours on that game. Now I've moved to MMORPGs, and can not get enough (unless I'm working 12 hour days).

I will donate to you tomorrow, but right now I need sleep. I just needed to wait for my paycheck to go through and show up in my bank account.

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Wild lotus, then :) As opposed to a horticultural one. I assume you've seen adaptation :P

I mostly brought myself up, although i was helped with a spoon fed diet of books and movies, but i'm not particularly wild. Our boundaries and environment probably affect us more than we can imagine.

Math wrong? That's not what i meant... i was just joking about being older. I kinda hate it... like i've wasted so many years! But i'm trying to use that to motivate myself into not wasting any more!

Me and two close friends used to rush around one of our houses after practically every school day to play on his network. We made all kinds of funky maps or just generally had a blast trying to beat back the tides of zerg rushes etc. I miss those days... and those guys. I've got my eye on EVE for my future gaming/time investment... but that will have to wait for now.

Cool... awesome :) You're awesome! lol. After all of that smack down i hadn't really thought about what it would feel like to actually receive a donation... thank you so much! If you'd like any legal confirmation i'd be happy to instill that formal trust in the relationship. Other than that there's not much else i can do except not let you down! =)

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I'm sorry it's not much, But I did donate. It's really the most I can give right now, especially since it's in pounds.

I have not seen Adaptation yet, but I do get the humor in it. :]

But being 23, you're not older, you are in your prime! You are not too old to go to school or start anything, you are still at the perfect age. Once you start hitting 26 is when things start to get a little strange.

And I can't play MMOs that charge monthly payments. I a freeloader. Currently I am playing a game called ArchLord, which I am loving.

I'm not expecting anything back other than you just keeping me around and keeping me in the know. :]

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Hey, no, totally... the exchange rate is really working against me on this one. That's really generous of you, thank you :)

In my 'prime' ;) The next prime is 29 which i'm actually looking forward to... got some goals to fulfill before then, though, so i'm glad i've got enough time to accomplish something!

I can't afford them either, obviously :P But i look forward to being able to! I should invest my time wisely at the moment... that game looks interesting; though i don't find true RPG's hold my attention for very long online. They need some way of making them have more involved story lines and greater control over your environment.

Well... i'll definitely keep you around!... and i'll see what i can surprise you with :)